Sincere Seven
Fighting for justice & equality

As workers rights advocates, the Sincere Seven is dedicated to aiding, supporting, educating and advocating for working class Americans. Here, we share the history, people and effects of progressive social change organizing by oppressed communities of people. Where hope, compassion and desire live, so does the capacity for change. The work of Sincere Seven uplifted the East Knoxville community to a place of empowerment...and now, we're doing that same work in Washington, D.C.

In the Present
As we look forward...

Our body of work centers around anti-racism and community inclusion; fighting against unjust laws and oppressive public policies. In 2015, we re-invent and re-generate our spirit of origin and body of work while continuing to "fight for justice & equality in our workplace...and in all places"

    The Sincere Seven 7-Point Socio-Political Platform

  • Full and Fair Employment Policies and Practices, In Both Hiring, Compensation, Benefits and Respect in the Workplace
  • Equitable and Non-biased Education Afforded to All Americans, including People of Color
  • An End of Police Brutality, Over-Policed Communities of Color, Private Prison Profiteering via the Prison Industrial Complex and State-Sanctioned Murder
  • An End of Prosecutorial and Judicial Misconduct and Unequal "Justice" in the Criminal Justice System
  • An Immediate End to All Wars of Aggression
  • Unfettered Access to Healthcare and Stable, Safe & Secure Housingto All People, Regardless of Income Status
  • Non-prohibitive Access to, and Responsible Accountability from our elected and appointed political and social leaders